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Can you help Lisa buy?

Are you thinking of selling in the Timbarra area of Berwick? If so please click the play button below to listen to the conversation between our agent Sam and Lisa who is in search of a property in your area.


Sam: Hi, this is Sam from R & R Real Estate. I’m here with Lisa, who is looking for her first home in Victoria. How are you going, Lisa?

Lisa: Doing really well, thanks Sam.

Sam: That’s good. Lisa, so you’re currently renting in Jerilderie Drive and looking for a home close by. So, where do you want to buy, what are your sorts of boundaries that you’re looking for?

Lisa: Yeah, Sam. So, we really like the Timbarra area of Berwick. We’ve been renting here for about five and a half years now. My son goes to Timbarra School and he’d like to, in a few years time, go to Berwick High School. So, a home within those zones would be perfect for us. We’re just, you know, wanting to settle down in Australia now. We’ve been renting, like I said, for about five and a half years. It’s time to buy. This is the year to buy for us.

Sam: Okay, wonderful. That’s great, Lisa. And if the right property came along that was perfect for you and suited all of your needs, how much are you able to pay for the right property?

Lisa: Yeah, so ideally, we’d like to pay around the $700,000 mark, but if it was something that ticked all our boxes, we would be able to be pushed to $720,000.

Sam: Awesome. And that’s all finance approved and ready to go?

Lisa: That’s correct.

Sam: Brilliant. Okay, so if anyone’s out there, and they’re listening, they’re having a thought of a change or anything like that, we have Lisa right here who’s ready to go. She needs to get out of her rental place before her agreement’s up. So, we’d love to hear from you.

Sam: Thank you very much for your time, Lisa.

Lisa: Pleasure.

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