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Sam: Hi there. I’m here with Jess and Michael, how you guys going?

Jess: Yeah, good, thank you.

Michael: Good, thanks, how are you doing?

Sam: That’s fantastic. So Jess and Michael are looking to buy their first family home with son Hunter. Do you guys want to tell us a bit about yourselves?

Michael: My name’s Michael. Hi guys. I’m a carpenter, and I have most of my work in the city, but we’re looking for, like you mentioned, our first family home, and we like the beach, so we’d like to be somewhere around the southeastern suburbs, close to the beach, and we really want to put Hunter in his first home.

Sam: Yeah, fantastic. So in terms of home, what are you guys looking for in terms of a home?

Michael: We want to expand on our family, so we’re hoping for a three bedroom house. A double locked up garage would be ideal. Being a carpenter, I like to keep my tools safe, so I’d like somewhere to lock up my tools, so a single garage would be okay. I wouldn’t want to leave Jess’s car out of it.

Jess: Yeah, we just want something that’s safe and secure for Hunter. Again, we’re looking for our first family home. We’d love to have a little backyard for him so he can run around and play. Obviously something close to parks and schools would be fantastic too, and again Michael being a carpenter, we do need something that has a secure garage or a shed for all of his tools.

Sam: Whereabouts are looking at setting up your home in?

Jess: We love the southeastern suburbs. We’re currently residing in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, but we are happy to travel. But we’d love to look down closer to the beach. We’d be happy with Carrum Downs, Skye, Seaford. We’d be happy to have a look around the Cranbourne area as well. We’re not too fussy to be honest.

Michael: Yeah, yeah.

Sam: Good, and Jess and Michael, they both have their finances in order, and they’re ready to go, aren’t you guys?

Jess: Yeah, basically we’re currently renting at the moment. Our lease is up as of April of this year, so we do have a small window of opportunity from now until April where we are ready to go. Our finances are in order, we’re currently debt free and ready to buy.

Sam: Yeah, fantastic.

Michael: Banks have approved us for up to $500,000.

Sam: Great, great, that certainly helps. Well thanks so much for your time, guys. Hopefully we get a response out of this. I’m sure if you’re listening to this, you’ve seen the flyer in your letterbox and your onto it for some reason or another. Hopefully we can all get together and help these guys out.

Jess: That would be fantastic.

Michael: Thank you.

Jess: Thank you.

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