Sold for $36,000 more and in 3 days

And on top of that, it sold after only 3 days in the market. Overall, the excellent result he got from Brittany and her team at R&R Real Estate in Berwick was definitely worth it. Thank you, Taylor, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.

How to Get A Higher Price

Eva, Gavin and Ken were fed up with traditional real estate agents only caring about getting a quick sale. They then met Leeza and the team from R & R Real Estate in Berwick and got the experience they were looking for.

Totally Different Way to Sell

Linda and James never felt comfortable when interviewing traditional real estate agents to sell their home. All the other agents wanted to advertise the home for a low price to ‘generate interest’. Linda and James then met Leeza from R and R Real Estate in Berwick and their worries evaporated.